Chapter 9 The rescue of the Mountain pass

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  Heaven mountain is one of the largest primeval forest, the local elevation 3000 meters, the mountain snow, the beast in the mountains, lush vegetation, snow-capped mountains of the Wolf, referred to as snow Wolf, is a spiritual overlord in the mountains, they in droves, it is said that the god punish the Wolf king in this watch tianshan snow lotus and the six flavors herbs, a lost but tianshan snow lotus, eternal life shall not be allowed to leave the snow mountain, Immortality has no chance of becoming immortal. This is also a folk legend, but Liu Yufeng found after entering the mountain area, four cliffs, clever bird song, and Wolf roar, let him feel shiver, do not know how to deal with, but in order to gao Xing, he had to head forward, there is no retreat.

  After a year and 3 months time, Liu Yufeng seems to be on the mountains into a wild man, because he needs to rely on these animals and birds to sustain life, lived on wild fruit to belly at the same time, in order to be able to get the six flavors herbs necessary in different seasons and different time to go to the living forms of herbs and its harvest, and sure enough kung fu, "whoever helps them Liu Yufeng got the six flavors herbs, Is only one step away from the tianshan snow lotus, so Liu Yufeng started to continue climbing, ready to climb to the top of the hill to tianshan snow lotus, to save the lives of high apricot, on the road met a pack of wolves, white fur, bright eyes, let a person hair bone, don't move out easily, don't rush to prepare his gun on Liu Yufeng afraid, Wolf standing a cry at the top of the mountain called the Wolf go off, Liu Yufeng also succeeded in getting snow lotus from the sky and went down to cure Gao Xing. Gao Xing came to and was saved. The original head Wolf smelled six herbs and became aware that it was the mountain god who sent people to take medicine. So Liu Yufeng successfully through the difficulties.

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