Chapter 8 Wedding banquet of Crossing the Mountain

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  Through the last common death, Liu Yufeng and gao Xing's feelings more profound, each other can already love for life, ready to hold a banquet, love for life, they set a good day began to invite friends around to witness their two wedding. Wedding preparations can have a month of time, the day of the wedding all friends and relatives rushed to the scene is also very lively, high art also feel their sister can marry Liu Yufeng is how happy, also feel happy for her sister. Is the joy of carving Liu Yufeng holding high apricot's hand, toward the auditorium, everyone attention, that day in the eyes of Liu Yufeng, high apricot is the most beautiful woman on this world, in 2 people prepare the moment of obeisance to heaven and earth, suddenly between a dart stabbed to high apricot, high apricot back bleeding, blood stained the auditorium, fell on the ground.

  And immediately to the doctor, cure for her, even though the doctor out of time is in time, but due to excessive blood loss, high apricot or passed out, the doctor check to fly knife high hit the key of apricot, oppressive nerve henceforth the vegetative state, never to wake up and finished this, high art and Liu Yufeng inconsolable, want to immediately find the bobcats will shatter its ten thousand segments. Grief and sadness can cure, high apricot, listen to their teacher said, the effect of tianshan snow lotus are coming back to life, but also need the six flavors herbs Stewing at the same time, but that the six flavors herbs in different seasons and different orientation in different time to collect, can be said to be the successful acquisition which the possibility of the six flavors herbal slim, but Liu Yufeng don't want to give up, For high apricot she wanted to go to the mountain, so he and high art to discuss, two people a person is responsible for looking for lynx revenge, a person is responsible for collecting herbs. And then the two of them started to split up.

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