Chapter seven the rescue of Chuang Mountain Pass

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  After the original high art to hong mei, darts dragon saw the high art of smart and high art of bone is suitable for contact darts and shaolin martial arts, so he secretly has high art as apprentice, and told him to don't say he is darts Draco's apprentice, high art learning darts is also very hard, and have mastered the shaolin martial arts, Is a few people in the river's lake to be his opponent, revenge for this flair to the parents also is not a problem, high Liu Yufeng with apricot back in town, and put the bobcats held master also and you said it again in detail, everyone began to plan to rescue darts Draco, but who all don't know that high art has already obtained the darts tianlong chuan, Rescue things and didnt listen to high art too much opinion, but high art suddenly took out the mountain map, we are convinced that he is very familiar with the mountain map, because high art grew up in the mountains.

  Everyone began to implement the plan, began to go up the mountain to rescue the master, high art since the dart ear is very sensitive, hear the clang clang a dart flew in the past, the original lynx set the whistle, at any time to report the enemy. Without them, we can get up the hill without anyone noticing. Into the cave to hold master place, the bobcat has set an ambush around, but the reaction speed of high art is very sensitive, a few darts put these kidnappers all dry down. High art help up master said the old man you suffer, everyone is more surprised, high art what time to learn darts, so darts dragon officially announced that this is my close disciple high art, small dragon. Bobcat is very cunning along the mountain stream and secretly fled. Master said high art you must clean up for the division, at the same time for your parents revenge. At this time of the red plum to high art that is more like, anxious to marry her immediately.

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