Chapter six "Crossing the mountain pass" tactics

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  The bobcat shut Liu Yufeng and gao Xing in a cave, and said you this pair of mandarin duck, see how I break up you, my bobcat has not enjoyed such a pure woman, let Lao Tze enjoy enough, see Lao tze mood, reward to you. High apricot frights very nervous, liu Yufeng stands in front of tall apricot to protect with all one's strength, although can point fist foot kung fu, but good tiger drives however a flock of wolves. Still be beaten finally black and blue, can eye Chou is watching tall apricot to be bullied, right now Liu Yufeng pain extremely, tall apricot also with all one's strength is resisting, when tall apricot wants to bite the tongue to commit suicide, suddenly two people at the moment are killed by dart.

  High apricot saved, turned out to be Liu Yufeng master, sent nickname darts denon, darts is almost in hand, and shaolin lay disciple, a suit of indestructible body, several kidnappers see this person fighting skill is not generally, they fled, and at this time, the bobcats are secretly ambush, waiting to make moves, the darts denon rescue apricot and Liu Yufeng is high, Behind the bobcats plexus fly a dart, hit darts dragon on the back, and then organize a gang to siege, the master took the disciples, ready to break through, but after all was badly hurt and it compared a group of people fist or straight down from the matrix, for the bobcats are also darts Draco's apprentice, the bobcats to learn skills, to master as well, tea to send water, honour worthy men of letters, Is in order to learn the dart craft, when the master also see bobcat some conduct problems, so in teaching him to practice darts also just taught the Cat, 8 level darts, there are two levels of 9 and 10 level formal darts the highest realm of martial arts, that is to say, can do everything in the world can be darts. Chef to rescue Liu Yufeng high apricot, the systemic capability all came out, the high apricot and Liu Yufeng send out of the encirclement, their stay in the danger, the bobcats sent chasing Liu Yufeng, but was eventually they escaped, because the darts dragon have Tmall think learn 9 and 10 darts, so there would be no life just suffering from the effects of the outside xie.

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