Chapter five the hunting of crossing the mountain

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  Since the last Liu Yufeng with high apricot, apricot high seems not hurried to meet high art, don't know how to explain and high art, so have been deliberately to hide to high art, Liu Yufeng see the problem here, the red berries on some high skill, and the family to go hunting, figured with ease these embarrassing situation, Yufeng rode the yard with high apricot gallop and gallop can be said to be a hundred shots, Yushu Linfeng, also while hunting, while teaching high apricot how to use markswork. On the other side of the difference is that high art is never touched a gun, not to mention riding a horse, hongmei is hand in hand to teach high art riding, teach high art shooting, high art is also very smart to learn, time flies quickly, small half a day of time, said in the past.

  Liu Yufeng to take this opportunity to also want high art and apricot to brother and sister also have a chance to chat alone, high art and apricot playing tired, sitting in the woods started long chat, talk about the past, parents talked, sorrow, each other, of course, also express each other now is only a brother and sister, then hong mei called high art said come here what a beautiful flower, come and help me to pick it, High apricot tell high art go quickly, high art to hongmei side, two people each other immersed in flowers, each other also produced love. Can then heard the high apricot in calling for help, turned out to be the bobcats are in the dark that they had been found, so the high apricot tied up, and rode to take high apricot, Liu Yufeng heard crazy chasing behind, are behind, but the cunning of the bobcats have they set a trap Liu Yufeng also captured, and pull into the stronghold of torture and enquiry, Bobcat said, courage is really big enough, even Liu Yufeng he drive. So high art and Red plum to the police to the police, but the police in addition to Liu Yufeng is not afraid of things, the rest of the people are capricious. The weeds fall with the wind. So might the police, for nothing.

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