Chapter four: The spark of Crossing the Mountain

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  Liu Yufeng, rescue after high apricot, change for high apricot feelings, thought the country girl, perfect, very pure, and deep into the spark of love, but the high apricot in fact in the mind only his brother high art, because of, grow up together, have deep love to hide, and parents left things and words, but in fact high art does not like apricot, Just treat her as younger sister, one day tall apricot takes a bath in the home of hongmei, inadvertently, Liu Yufeng happens to pass by, carelessly, broke into the door, actually that day Liu Yufeng and the teammate in the police team drink, also drink much to break into by mistake. When the door opened Liu Yufeng saw, shouldn't see of everything, also scared high apricot, gosh, Liu Yufeng haven't awake, it fell to the ground, high apricot to see this situation immediately to wear the clothes, the Liu Yufeng helped by his bed, and began to give Liu Yufeng, with a towel to wipe, let Liu Yufeng sobers up, as this is Liu Yufeng caught the apricot hand high, Gao Xing's name in his mouth, gao Xing realized that Liu Yufeng had fallen in love with her.

  Hong mei's father just pass by here, see Liu Yufeng hold high apricot hand, mood suddenly great anger, scold this high apricot, my siblings, so take care to you in our house, since you want to seduce me in the future son-in-law, get out the door quickly, high apricot crying, said I don't have, then hastily, but hong mei father this stubborn old man, how can stand his explanation, Is, after all, seeing is believing, shout the voice, the greater the more then also awoke Liu Yufeng, too noisy to hong mei and high art, have arrived at the scene, everyone saw this scene, high apricot is explained, the old man becomes angry, then Liu Yufeng up, caught the high apricot hand and say don't blather, I like high apricot, I just want to marry him, you who also don't interfere with, That he has heard even more angry, say jade peak ah, you are a live up to my all for your support, I've always wanted to marry my daughter to you, since you are so painful and I'm sorry I move, Liu Yufeng said, I have been is when the sisters with red berries to look at, hong mei is when a brother to me, we always are brother and sister. So red plum also stood up, said to the don, dad is indeed such I only jade feng elder brother, as my own brother to see, never had any idea, in fact red plum when saying this, the in the mind has hidden high art. Pops is so pissed off, you young people, you don't get it, and I'm not in on it, so you're on your own. Then he turned and walked away.

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