Chapter three: The sister of Crossing the Mountain

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  High apricot in strongholds by all sorts of indignities, because there is no justice bandits, just put the woman as a plaything, as they capture prey, but after all, there are law of the jungle, the stronghold of the eldest brother to love concentrated apricot is high, let people mess, and good to look after, so high apricot is free to suffer a lot, However there is always want to challenge authority secretly eat meat man, but also died at disorderly knife, one day the boss of shanzhai wants to organize and high apricot worship wedding, let high apricot become his real pressure village lady. High apricot although heart very not willing to, but also dare not, because she knew that only alive, will have the opportunity to revenge to her parents, will have the opportunity to find high art, one is on the wedding day came to worship the mountain, do one of the bandits argot, eldest brother a look is also a road, then stayed in the strongholds didn't think too much to drink the wine, But also ordered his eyes close to the obeys the mountain of Liu Yufeng, Liu Yufeng's actual background is the local police department belongs to the long, into the Huangpu Military Academy is special forces, individual combat ability is very strong. Liu Yufeng took advantage of everyone is quick drunk when shun teng wipe melon, found the room of high apricot, quietly want to take her away.

  But at this time a gang of robbers, in their way, without further ado, Liu Yufeng one prodigious leap to, bandits boss in front, single palm forward a holding the gun in his hand, with the fastest speed, the gun to rob, and holding the bandit leader, with a high apricot, rushed out of the heavy encirclement, finally found the foot meet police, and escaped from the bandits dens, So Liu Yufeng, told a subordinate to see high apricot, good care, Liu Yufeng gathered the police force, a round will all take these bandits, one of them killed high art parents lynx is very cunning, fled from the encirclement. After Cleaning the battlefield, Liu Yufeng sent Gao Xing to hongmei's home. In fact, Liu Yufeng is hongmei's cousin, with profound friendship as a child. But Hong Mei's father has always intended to marry Her to Liu Yufeng, thinking they are a match made in heaven, but in fact they have always been brother and sister, only brother and sister.

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