Chapter two the story of Chuang Shan Pass

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  The 15-year-old boy's name is Gao Yi, in fact, the family is not bad, the mother is a lady, the father in the local also do a little business, although can not be said to be rich, but do some fur business in the north of the life is also said to be past, since gao Yi lived in Shandong His father also sent him to a private school more four books and five classics, also can be regarded as learning to have a small, because Gao Yi is very smart, basically said that I never forget everything, all the books I read can be back in a day of rolling melon chaos, Gao Yi likes to learn history, see the history of China, there is a reward in the heart The desire of the motherland, also cong history learned a lot of classic allusions, of course, high art in all the books favorite is sun Tzu's art of War and romance of The Three Kingdoms, he can memorize each historical figure, and each allusion content, and can write down the original work, is very smart Have a sharp mind. At the age of 15, high art and parents came to a small city in Northeast Heilongjiang province together in Kwantung, ready to want a better life, did not expect to meet bandits on the road, the parents of high art together all killed, even her sister high apricot was also robbed by bandits, that Year sister is only 14 years old, the bandits saw sister's appearance, did not kill the high apricot, but tied to the copycat, high art is also very worried about sister's safety, but there is no way, no gun, no money in hand, a man alone and how can save sister So he secretly along the mountain path, begging all the way to the gate of the school, just met Teacher Hong Mei.

  Hong mei after the teacher knew the antecedents of high art, cry all night, for the high art sad sad, also try to want to ask your father to help the child to rescue her sister, high art's sister is not really high art's sister, in fact is the father of high art to high art to child bride, but in fact high art only apricot as his sisters, never the second idea is mixed, But gao Xing likes her brother very much and thinks that she can only marry her brother in her life. It is love at first sight. Although Hongmei regards Gao Yi as a child, their actual age is only three years old, Hongmei sees Gao Yi, that is, she can bear hardships and is smart, so she lets Gao Yi teach these children history lessons, And She teaches English lessons and music lessons. Of course, Gao Yi becomes a student in music and English lessons. With the passage of time, Hongmei has also been in the trust to inquire about the whereabouts of high apricot, but there is no news, high art is also very anxious, because parents before death, high apricot entrusted to him, and let them get married and have children, for the old Gaos family continuation, otherwise worthy of ancestors.

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