Chapter 10 The combination of Crossing the Mountain

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  Gao Yi told Hong Mei before leaving, said when I come back, I want to marry you, we roam around the world together, live a comfortable pastoral life, teach people together, walk the river's lake, chivalry. Return from hong mei is waiting for the high skill, high art for 108 days in the mountains, and to search for clues to the bobcats, originally the bobcats secretly into the nest day on the second kidnappers, and successfully abort mountain king, as the great master, in heaven mountain is hiring at this time, strength gradually strong, ordinary people are hard to melee damage to bobcats, So high art change disguised as copycat slavery mixed into the copycat, and then mixed in before already heard to the copycat, two headed and bobcat not always want to kill bobcat.

  Day the bobcats want tournament held a conference, whoever can into base, whoever get champions who can rise to two master, high art after a dress up, also into base fight, although hid the martial arts, also was the bobcats saw a little flaw, but did not dare to think, how also think that he is high art, High art conducting should win the championship, became the three in charge, this is two take charge of said, heard that take charge of martial arts high strength, why not make a play and the third, the bobcats are certainly not high art, so the high art and the bobcats started a ratio, high art two rounds will be the bobcats shot down to the ground, and remove skin mask, with lock charlotte's neck, At this time two masters stood up uprising, everyone took refuge in the two masters, the high art bobcat brought to the parents' grave, and beheaded, avenged for their parents, back to marry hongmei wife, from now on two people live a carefree life.

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