Chapter one "Crossing the Mountain pass" encounter

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  In a remote town in the distance, there is such a group of lovely students, every day morning and night, hard work of hard study, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, sometimes playing, sometimes playfulness, growing up, and happy, teach this group of children's teacher, is a long hair fluttering, body She is a slim, beautiful teacher with double eyelids and big eyes. She just graduated from a school in the provincial capital. She is very caring and takes great care of every child's life and study Her father is a very famous boss in the provincial city, who runs 20 pawnshops in the town. She is also the president of the local provincial chamber of Commerce. Since childhood, Hong Mei has had a desire to support the villages and towns and become an excellent teacher. Hong Mei also has an English name, Ross, little friend His friends call him Teacher Roos, because the school in the town is very small, so He teaches children almost all subjects, among which music is the most popular subject.

  One day in music class, the children are singing non crisp songs, are immersed in the paradise of music, it seems that every child has a dream fly up the blue sky, see the white clouds, and birds in hee hee, and clouds in play, in this is a boy can have about 15 years old, broke into the classroom", his face black mud, messy, in the corner of the mouth, there are traces of mucus, as if, just cried, or just suffered from anger, bullied, the classroom singing was the child seemed to be confused, cong crisp in the quiet. Everyone looked at this fifteen with strange eyes The oldest child in the class is only 13 years old, because the local living conditions are not good, so there are children of all ages to go to school, this boy may be the oldest, the little boy saw The red plum, "I want to learn, I want to grow up to become a country I have no money, my parents were killed by bandits, I am homeless now, the little boy said, while trying to hold back tears, tears in the eyes around the red, leng is not down a tear, this scene seems to melt red Mei's heart, thinking that such a small child could lose both his parents, be homeless, and be so pitiful, Red Mei hurried up to the boy, wiped his eyes and cheeks with her handkerchief, stroked his head, and said, "Don't be afraid of him.In the future, there will be a teacher to take care of you, to do the seat, I will teach you, sing together, said hongmei played the accordion, the music sounds seem to become more calm. The little boy's heart was surging, because he had already made up his mind to study hard and become a pillar of the country.

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